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The Dressta SB-30 is the smallest of Dressta's pipelayers, yet still boasts outstanding levels of performance. It features a 33.1t lifting capacity, low centre of gravity and enhanced slope capability.

An ergonomic joystick control for the boom and hook ensures precise, predictable load control and positioning. The manoeuvrable SB-30 is ideal for use in fast-moving pipelaying processes and is designed for the most challenging of conditions.
To make specific modifications to the machine, customers are welcome to make Special Feature Requests (SFRs).
View the full specifications, options, SFRs and videos of the SB-30 in action below. If you cannot find the model below with the appropriate engine configuration (Emission Levels: Tier 3, Tier 4 Interim, Tier 4 Final) for your region, please email us or contact your local dealer.

SB-30M-Extra - Working in Uzbekistan

SB-30M-Extra - Pipelayer

SB-30M-Extra - Pipelayer

Basic Specifications

Engine140 kW188 hp
Weight27.6 t 60,848 lb
Max. Lifting Capacity33.1 t 72,973 lb

Available Models

Pipelayer featuring a reliable 6.7L CUMMINS QSB turbocharged engine with CAC, two-speed steering, hydraulic power train and 33.1 ton lifting capacity, low centre of gravity and enhanced slope capability. Designed to perform in the most challenging of conditions. Ergonomic joystick control for boom and hook, precise and predictable load control and positioning.


Key Specifications

Engine Manufacturer / Model / TierCummins/QSB 6.7/T3
Rated Speed2000 RPM
Engine Output - Net140 kW188 hp
Rated Speed - Torque1450 RPM
Engine Torque945 Nm697.0 lb/ft
Transmission Type - Fwd Rev SpeedsPowershift - 6/6
Track Shoe Width610 mm24.0 in
Fuel Tank316 l83.5 Gal(US)
Ground Clearance445 mm17.5 in
Overall Length4400 mm173.2 in
Ground Clearance445 mm17.5 in
Transport Width - Side Frames Removed3210 mm126.4 in
Boom Length6500 mm255.9 in
Width - Weights Retracted3200 mm126.0 in
Cable Size - Hook Winch0.019 m0.7 in
Cable Length - Hook Winch55 m2,165.4 in
Ground Bearing Pressure72.70 kPa10.5 psi
Lift Capacity - Tipping33100 kg72,972.9 lb
Load Capacity28000 kg61,729.4 lb
Speed Forward10.80 km/h6.7 MPH
Operating Weight
Operating Weight27580 kg60,803.4 lb

Features & Benefits

DRESSTA SB-30M EXTRA the strong, efficient, dependable – designed for the unique demands of the pipeline industry is the smallest Pipelayer in the company’s range.

Dressta pipelayers employ hydraulically controlled counterweights which swing horizontally, ensuring maximum machine stability and improved visibility for the operator. Four identical counterweight segments allow for fast installation and reinstallation, so transportation is a quick and streamlined process.

Furthermore, these counterweights are all designed to be a minimum overall width, removing any difficulty when manoeuvring, transporting or shipping. The high mounting location of counterweights on Dressta pipelayers always provide good ground clearance, even when the counterweights are extended for optimum load capacity.

Both the standard and optional lengths of these pipelayers’ booms are built to be used in all weather, and in even the most challenging environments. Rugged and durable, they are built with fully welded box-sections, and made from the highest quality steel.

Hook and boom loads with free-fall can easily be actuated, simply by disengaging the jaw clutch and moving the controls into the brake/off position. In the unlikely case of engine failure, a suspended load can be lowered safely and securely to the ground.

Our pipelayers’ design means that components are arranged for easy accessibility, and can be removed as single units – making repairs or replacements efficient and simple, and keeping operating costs low.

Grouped service points and easy access to service places make routine checks fast and convenient. In addition, our diagnostic connectors enable fast troubleshooting of any hydraulic drive train problems.